Apr 04


thanks to everyone who came to any of the shows.  thanks to Brian Lee Hughes, John Dwyer, Ty and Carlos at CMRTYZ, Robert Cifuentes at kxlu, the people at Burger Records, Grass Widow, motha fuckin BURNT ONES!, Rick Eusey, Rob Williamson, my Mom n Dad, heather’s mom and family, matt’s grandma Suzie, everyone at Get Bent, Panache, the Heavy Times fucks, Running, the Burlington in CHI, Sean and the Digital Leather folks, JD in Larime, all the people involved in the treefort music festival, the mighty Hot Victory, Lozen, Matt n Cat in Portland, magic gardens, Ben, Ifrah, and Marshall, and all of the crew at Kalidescope vision in Seattle, McCafe, Heather’s wonderful van “White Bitch” and anyone i forgot, thanks for a fantastic tour.


Apr 04

various miscellaneous tour instagram photos

Mar 27

i don’t even know where to start. 

SXSW was amazing. all 4 shows were just wonderful. i’m gonna spare the details as they are what you’d imagine “…aw yeah and then we played here and it was cool and we played here and it was cool and blah blah was super sick and we saw blah which was sick..”

we drove through texas (waco included) listened to most of an audiobook of 1984.

memphis show at hi-tone was a little strange.  some cool dudes from nashville drove out though which was rad.  a nice man gave us a nice bag of weed.

stayed in a motel 6 in west memphis and definitely had that west memphis 3 eeriness in the air.

got to Indianapolis where we played an amazing house show at mediumship (at least that’s what i’m told it’s called) but it had the best sound i’ve ever heard in a house venue. 

got into chicago a bit early so we spent most of the day in the suburbs at heather’s mom’s place.  i went skating with her 6 and 8 year old sister and brother around the neighborhood, we had bbq chicken, drank beers, you know…stuff of that nature before we played The Burlington in chicago with RUNNING!

my first time in chicago was unbelievable as the weather had record high’s and it was nearly 80 degrees at night.   we had a day off and got drunk at brunch with the dudes from heavy times/bad drugs/running at the handlebar.

from chicago we headed west to Omaha.  Johnny who plays bass in digital leather took us to a good bbq place and then to a taco/burger/fried fish n shit? Don and Millies it’s called? well we all pounded 99 cent margaritas!

finally got to O’Leavers in Omaha where we found out we were the only band playing that night and simultaneously got completely trashed thanks to the lovely friends and locals.  we played the sloppiest set ever.  took an intermission, covered(?) manson’s beautiful people with guest singers, i tried to pull off my solo crying by roy orbison cover again and it did NOT go over as well as it did at burger records.

sprained my ankle later that night just walking, got all mad at myself and slept in the van. apologized to everyone who was trying to be nice the night before when i was angry and difficult.

drove to Wyoming.  it was fairly boring driving through Iowa but it had it’s moments.  arrived at the 3rd Street Cowboy bar with questionable thoughts of the establishment.  it was a friday night and there were 4 bands…i do not remember any of their names…sorry…that one metal band was sick? anyway, i went out after the show to a couple “after parties” and got the “Larime experience” which was literally driving from one house to the other where the same people from the bar were there enjoying themselves.

we hung out in Larime for several hours the next day, taking some space from each other.  heather got some good cheap finds from a thrift store. 

we decided to break up the drive to boise so we reached Ogden, Utah and booked ourselves a stay in the holiday inn express.  it actually kicked ass. 2 twins and a pullout couch and a pool/spa that was open 24 hours!  and it had a kick-ass continental breakfast, i even did 20 minutes on the ‘ol stationary bike in the gym they had.

finally hit the road to Boise for the treefort music festival.  i guess it was there first time doing it but seemed like everyone was in great spirits. i really wished we had more time during the other 3 days to enjoy some more music. looked like they had some interesting acts from everywhere.

checked out Art Fad as friends of mine said they were a must see and holy shit, i totally dug it.  they’re local so the crowd of 30+ we’re all just ON the stage. i was impressed they could play through the mass of people trying to scream along to their last song. 

at this point we were all kind of beat, and the fact we had a killer hotel room a stones throw away from the venue kind of made us hermits until we actually had to load in.  the show was fun and hung out at someone else’s room and by that time i just remember screaming Eno’s needle in the camel’s eye.

i took first shift for the drive from Boise to Portland and HOLY FUCK that was the most beautiful drive i’ve ever done.  highway 84 on the west coast is unbelievable!

made great time too, hung out at the know. watched Hot Victory completely dominate and as a 2 piece this time with insane synth triggers so they could still both play drums the whole time and man…just check them out, watch a video or something they’re phenomenal.

Lozen was heavy as fuck and it’s one of those “how the fuck is this only 2 people” kind of bands.  can’t wait to play with them in their hometown of Tacoma later tonight.

we stayed at our good friend Matt Morgan’s girlfriend, Cat’s house.  it’s the cutest house and she built an incredible cabin in the backyard with an iron fireplace and we hung out until standing up was impossible.

that’s it so far.  3 more shows…and then we finally go home.  i’m really homesick and i know the other 2 are as they’re in relationships.  i’m also kind of brain dead and might have to add some shit later because i know i’m missing many “important” details.

okay smell ya later

Mar 24

quote ha!

Mar 16

okay! Phoenix show was cool. Hether did a backwards somersault during a solo as part of a friendly frontman competition with Mark Tester from Burnt Ones. 

Amy from Burnt Ones lent me some books she wrote in Elementary school and here are some of my favorite quotes. 

in the story Kittens,she opens the book with “I know pretty much about kittens” which is a strong start to a wonderful true story of her cats she helped raise as a child.

my favorite book however, is a book entitled The ABC’s of the Titanic which is dark and cryptic as fuck. here are some quotes.

"K is for Killed which most of the people on the Titanic got."

"W is for Well Trained which the crew was not"

"X is for ‘X-Clusive’ rooms"

"Z is for Zillions of people who died on the titanic"…yeah she went with Zillions and i think the book itself is fantastic.

We played the Trainyard venue in Las Cruces NM and despite a small turnout, it was still fun as every time we see Burnt Ones we love them more and more.  Blasted Canyons are Burnt Ones biggest fans and ever since we split after breakfast yesterday morning, we’ve missed them immensely.

after the show we hit the road at around 1:30 a.m. and drove the 10+ hours all through the night to Austin.  we arrived around noon or 1 and took naps before our show at this wood Mill. I don’t recall the name of the venue but it was giant.

Magnetix was sick. K-Holes we’re fucking fantastic. we played one of our best shows yet which was great as we played right before Thee Oh Sees.  the sound was good at the venue and our re-worked setlist seemed to flow real well.

Thee Oh Sees played in front of less people than i’m used to which was a treat to say the least. i sat on the side-stage and watched the whole set from there and they sounded awesome as usual. man those guys are on some next level shit.

The Mallard played later and we stuck around for that.  it was cool to see them in Austin as their debut record was just released and people were hyped to see them in action. they played great, love those guys.

i feel like i’m leaving out some great stuff but as you can imagine or if you’re here you know it’s very busy.

today we play the And So SXSW Showcase here’s the link and this, the Gent Bent Showcase

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Mar 13

okay so far so awesome.  the LA show at Pehrspace was insane.  kids we’re getting rowdy. girls were punching each other. heather threw a bottle at a dude.

the next day we went to KXLU and while Robert from KXLU was setting up the sound, Matt told Heather she looked like Twiggy from Marilyn Manson’s band and 15 minutes later after our tour photographer Rob Williamson continued to push us we recorded a basically improvised cover of “Beautiful People”…that actually happened. 

went to Burger Records that evening and thinking no one was gonna show up we pulled a family band collaboration and Heather played drums alongside Amy and I(Adam) played additional guitar and we played under the moniker Blasted Ones. 

we went to my parents house and my mom made spaghetti and the next day we went to my old skatepark and hung out at my parents house and relaxed all day.

got to san diego early last night for the show with Burnt Ones and Grass Widow and although the show was sort of empty when we started, we played well and filled out the place by the time we ended.

woke up on someones floor, hit the road. i’m now writing this poolside in Tempe while the sun sets and everyone’s casually conversing while drinking ice cold pbr bottles and we’re back to work in a couple of hours playing at the Meat Market.

Mar 10
we’re out of the bay. stocked with jerky.

we’re out of the bay. stocked with jerky.

Mar 03

TOUR FLYER and T-SHIRTS! by the incredible William Keihn.

William is of course known for all his amazing work with Ty Segall, Thee Oh See’s, our tour-mates Burnt Ones, etc, etc, etc… and his own collection of posters and creations are next level.

check out his website it’s awesome.

Mar 03
sick san diego show flyer by the other half of, Dustyn Peterman aka Dusty Dirtweed Monday, march 12th at Soda Bar in SD
with Burnt Ones and Grass Widowwww!

sick san diego show flyer by the other half of, Dustyn Peterman aka Dusty Dirtweed Monday, march 12th at Soda Bar in SD

with Burnt Ones and Grass Widowwww!

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